How to choose best motorcycle trunks

Those who travel with their motorcycle cannot give up a motorcycle and scooter case as they should.

We are in the middle of summer, and there are many who, for convenience, or to save time at the queues and be able to move more easily (or even just for passion) decide to pack and leave with your bike, alone and with friends, to some distant location.


Travelling by motorcycle has its undeniable advantages, for example it allows you not to get stuck in traffic, or to park without problems even in narrow and inaccessible places, but it also has a big and problematic defect: the limit of luggage that you can take with you.

Certainly if you travel by motorcycle you can not carry heavy or bulky suitcases, and you often have to be content with a backpack in which to insert as much as possible, this obviously if you do not have a practical trunk in which you can put all the unnecessary weight and all those extra items that you can not give up.


The material is obviously important. Most classic motorcycle top cases are made of high strength plastic, with synthetic linings such as polyurethane foam, shockproof and highly protective.

However, there are also many motorcycle cases made of canvas or mesh, or both, which have the advantage of being more flexible and therefore easier to fill, despite the lower protection.

For long trips, a classic hard plastic best motorcycle top case is ideal. Be careful with the capacity: a good travel trunk can easily hold at least 25-40 liters, which rises to 40 if you need a lot of space.

Safety is another key factor: the most used size in this case is the classic, simple and reliable padlock.

For the canvas models, however, you will have to take care of it yourself, adding your own padlocks or other personal measurements.

Most of the cases are adaptable to both motorcycles and scooters, however, there are specific models so always be careful not to make an empty purchase.

For the rest, as well as based on your tastes, if you want to make a safe and conscious purchase you can help you with our guide, below, where we show you the 4 best motorcycle and scooter cases for the summer.

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