Electronic drums in the apartment – is it real?

If there were no electronic drum sets, they should certainly have been invented. Imagine a complete set of snare drums, volumes, cymbals, pedals and other elements that allow you to perform a composition in any musical style and even play a multi-drum part. It is great that such a dream of musicians has already been realized, and now everyone can choose for themselves and their team a great electronic installation. Moreover, some of them are so compact that they can be placed in a not very spacious apartment. Look drumming gloves reviews.

The history of shock electronics

According to legend, the first electronic installation was developed by Graham Edge of the British rock band Moody Blues, who collaborated with Brian Groves from the University of Sussex, stubbornly creating an electronic kit with rubber pads and sensors. Their “work” was the forerunner of today’s digital installations.

In the 70s of the last century, first Syn drum, and a little later – and Simmons introduced the world to professional electronic drum kits. Then they were joined by the market leaders Roland and Yamaha, who developed electronic drums that are closest to modern entry-level installations.

With the development of digital technology, electronic musical instruments have been improved, and modern drum sets from leading manufacturers show amazing results in impact and sensitivity.

From drum to synthesizer

One of the common types of electronic drums is discs (or pads), covered with rubber or mesh and equipped with special sensors that transmit sound from the place of impact to the synthesizer. Like ordinary tools, they are mounted on the same stands and are generally similar to traditional installations.

Since the synthesizer’s task is to reproduce sound, nothing prevents the drummer from setting any range, as well as playing with various effects that are not necessarily characteristic of percussion instruments. At the same time, you can experiment and create ingenious compositions anytime, anywhere, simply by wearing headphones.

In studio conditions, electric drums can be connected directly to the mixing console and quickly get the perfect sound without the need for microphones to properly amplify each component of a fairly complex drum kit. And there is no special need for a soundtrack.

The range of sounds in any musical genre is almost unlimited, and if the artist works in a wide range of styles, he can pick up drum parts in any direction. The advantage of electronic installations is the surprising ease of calculating the entire set of drums in very small areas where it is important to control the sound volume. And to move the equipment, special transport is definitely not needed.

Everything for easy learning and mastery

Novice masters should pay attention to electronic installations with predefined templates of musical instruments. With their help, you can build muscle memory so important for the drummer and work out the coordination necessary to achieve mastery. Among the electronic kits, there are models with special teaching tools and a metronome function that will help beginners gain mastery.

Using additional inputs and connectors, you can connect drum electronics to external music players, computers and mobile devices. This allows you to play with your favorite musicians, if you wish, editing some sounds using special software.

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