Electric camping stove

The electric stove for camping can clearly be used only in the presence of access to electricity, therefore equipped campsites and possibly in campers. The power generated is on par with the gas ones. The convenience of electric camping stoves is that they do not require cartridges or cylinders, therefore minimal maintenance costs, but to reach the ideal temperature they take longer than the fire that just ignited already releases maximum heat.
Even these types of outdoor stoves allow the regulation of the power thanks to a thermostat. Choose your best compact camping stoves.

Severin Electric plate KP 1091 1500W

Portable electric cooker with a plate diameter of 18.5 cm. Adjustable thermostat with max power of 1500 W. Powerful and compact, it is suitable not only for equipped campsites but also for home use as it can also quickly cook pasta or steaks thanks to the 18.5 cm plate. Dimensions: 25 cm x 29 x 8.5 cm, weight: 2,295 kg

SUNAVO 1500W Portable Electric Cooker

Single plate electric cooker. Portable plate of 18.5 cm and 1500 W of power with thermostat, suitable not only for equipped camping or campers but also for office and home both for heating food but also for cooking pasta and meat. Overheat protection for safety and non-slip rubber feet.

Pyrolytic camping stove

This type of camp stove is very convenient, as well as practical and economical, because it does not require gas or electricity but simply uses wood for combustion. Small twigs and leaves found in the mountains and here we can have a portable stove for cooking or heating food. The pyrolytic stove exploits pyrolysis (cracking) or decomposition, in the absence of oxygen, of organic materials (wood, pellets, etc.) by means of heat.

The pyrolytic stove does not have the possibility to regulate the flame but it remains ideal as a bivouac stove (camp stove) and for short excursions or trips out of town in the mountains, where it is easy to find wood. It also does not emit fumes because there is no real combustion.

Many of these camping stoves can also run on alcohol , using small containers.
On the other hand, we must pay attention to the weather, as if we are in an area where it has just rained or the forecasts tend to bad weather, we risk having difficulty finding dry wood.

TOMSHOO Wood and Alcohol Camping Stove

Pyrolytic wood and alcohol stove. Compact and light, it allows you to have a small camping kitchen fueled with sticks or, thanks to the supplied support, to also run on alcohol. Good quality materials, does not emit smoke and is ideal for trekking, mountaineering, backpacking and excursions even for several days.

Lixada Portable Wood Stove

Portable folding alcohol and wood stove with small dimensions but practical for cooking with pyrolysis sticks without emitting fumes. Completely in stainless steel it is stable and resistant. Equipped with a practical bag for carrying in the backpack, it also has a plate to work with alcohol. Suitable for fishing, backpacking, hiking, picnics, etc.

Solo Stove – The largest compact wood stove

Portable wood burner. One of the largest and most capacious models among the wood-burning stoves, suitable for outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping and survival in the mountains and in the woods. It does not emit smoke thanks to pyrolysis.

TOOGOO Portable alcohol stove

Ultra-compact and functional alcohol camping stove. The cap is hermetically sealed, so it allows you to carry it already loaded with alcohol. Small to put in your backpack for excursions in the mountains, in the woods and at the sea for a picnic with friends

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